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Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan - Founder Director and Chairman

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"It was always a dream come true when my centre for Vitero Retinal Care Aditya  Jyot  Eye  Hospital   that was sown,grew into a deep - rooted banyan and a landmark of total eyecare and centre for excellence in Mumbai.

After achieving my first aim of treating patients, I had the burning desire to impart my knowledge and expertise to the next generation of budding Eye Care professional. 

Hence, the first step was to start the regular fellowship programme in Ophthalmolgy and Post Doctoral Fellowship in Vitero - Retinal Diseases awarded by National Board of Examination and also recognition for fellowship from International Council of  Ophthalmolgy / International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies in order to help promising young Ophthalmologists to broaden their perspective and skills.

To continue my commitment and keep this flame of knowkedge, I decided to educate young candidates to become pillars of Eye Care in our nation by opening Aditya Jyot institute of Optometry .Increased demands for vision care as a result of population growth, an increased aging population, and greater emphasis upon prevention and good health,underscore the need for highly qualified optometrists.

The Institute of Optometry was formed with the concept that, if a sizeable volume of qualified Optometrists were produced, it would take care of many routine visual problems leaving room for Opththalmologists to handle more complicated surgical and curative problems.

Historically Optometrists deliver care consisting of prescribing glasses, contact lenses and Low Vision Devices. Besides, the traditional services, the scope of Optometric practice today has evolved into specialisation of Electro Physiology, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Learning Disablities, Environmental Vision and Sports Vision.

As Optometric knowledge continues to broaden, the need for Optometry education is continually enhanced. For students interested in research, areas of advanced study include Physiologic Optics, Visual Psychophysics and Community Optometry.      

Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry is a professioanal institution dedicated to meeting public need by graduating Optometrists and offering other educational programmes responsive to ocular health and vision care.

It is commited towards excellence in the pursuit of all its endeavors and to provide an enriched academic environment which encourages learning and professional development through an open exchange of ideas.

Education, patient care, community visual health and research are the cornerstones upon which the instituitions reputation will be built.

I am sure the future of Optometry is dynamic and Optometrist if well trained, will be able to play an integral role towards the upliftment of Eye-Care in our nation.

I wellcome all the students who desire to enter a dynamic profession to shape the future of vision care and preserve the visual world.

Our goal should not only be success, but success and service.
Let your growth bring the best seasons of your life.

The well in the sand abound with springs of water as one digs deep
So with appropriate education, knowledge gets wider & deeper.
(A Quote from Tirukkural)

God Bless! " 

Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan/FONT>

Chairman - Aditya Jyot institute of Optometry

Chairman and Managing Director -Aditya  Jyot  Eye  Hospital Pvt. Ltd.