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What Eminent Personalities Have To Say On The Value Of Optometry

 Dr. Satya Verma, O.D.,F. A . A .O. - Presidential Envoy (India) World Council of Optometry  

"Optometry is a Health Care Profession dedicated to preserve, enhance and save sight ( one of the most precious gift of God to mankind). There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone able to see.Optometry is a combination of both Art & Science. If you are a person, who does not care, has no compassion and concern for others, then  Optometry is not for you. Optometry is commited to meet the visual needs of the public."

Padmashri Vipin Buckshey, Hony. Optometrist to the President of India; Consultant Optometrists & Contact Lens Specialist, New Delhi.

"...........Optometry is the best profession in the world by which you can serve humanity. Every budding Optometrists should take their work seriously as they have the potential to reach unknown heights with their hard - work, honesty, punctuality and dedication."

Ashok Pradhan - ( Managing Direction - Flexins Pct . Ltd.,Mumbai)

"Optometry is a highly rewarding and satisfying profession, which has a bright future. There is a great need for qualified Optometrist in India."

RTN. Sanjay Madhar Bose - Member - International Association of Contact Lens Educators,( Sydney and Australia) ; President - Optometric Association of India

"............Optometrists  take Optometry teaching as a career option, may pursue higher studies in Optometry and also settle abroad. With number of Contact lens, Ophthalmic Lens manufacturing foreign Companies coming to India, Optometrists may get employment with these multinationals....... " Optometrists are the first line of defence against blindness."

Dr. Narendra Kumar BAMS, DR. Opt., PGCR ; Editor Optometry Today , New Delhi

" Optometry is considered as an exciting, challenging career, well suited to those who not only carry a zeal for money but also have a heart to serve humanity ! "

Sajeesh Kumar . B. Opt ( Elite School of Optometry ) ; Founding President - Asia Pacific Tele Medicine Active Member American Academy of Optometry (APTP)

 " Optometry is a dynamic field. One can practice as a leading retail Optometry clinician, or an executive at an Ophthalmic industry, or be an academician or be in the research field or be involved in any of the government or non - governmental agencies."

Dr. Pinakin Gunvant B . Opt .( Elite School of Optometry / BITS) ; Post - Doctoral Associate - University of Louisville , U.S.A.

" Optometry is very satisfying as a career and is one of the profession of choice in various countries. Optometrists are not only involved in clinical practice but also are actively involved in research. Becoming  an Optometrist was certainly the best thing which happened to me."

Darshini Desai - President , Indain Optometric Association

" India is in need of Optometrists to achieve WHO's goal Vision 2020."

Neeraj Dabral B.Sc. (Hons. Ophth. Tech.) AIIMS ; Professional Services Manager - Bausch & Lomb Eye Care (I) Pvt . Ltd.

" Optometry is evolving into a profession with immense career opportunities. An Optometry student, post completion of the course can be professionally independent in his / her own practice, join eye institutes, hospitals and Optical establishments. Besides this, one can pursue further education, research in eye care. Taking up rewarding careers in multinational companies in the field of Eye Care is also an option today."

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